Wild Rose 'The Herd' Mix Pack (8 Pk)

Wild Rose 'The Herd' Mix Pack (8 Pk)

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8 x 473ml cans / Beer / Canada 

The Herd includes: 

2 x Velvet Fog - Luminous, gold-coloured brew with a citrus, tangy nose, brewed with only the best Canadian wheat and barley. Pairs well with salads, light seafood, herbs and vegetables. 

2 x Wraspberry Ale - A truly refreshing beer. The fresh fruit flavour comes from thousands of raspberries in each batch, that’s it. Pairs well with desserts, cheese, chocolate, smoked meats and fish. 

2 x Electric Avenue - This is an easy-drinking, crushable Alberta blonde ale! Pairs well with grilled pork and chicken, sushi, spicy Latin foods and seafood. 

2 x Ponderosa Gose - Irresistibly refreshing wheat beer brewed with passion fruit, salt and coriander. Pale, tart and unfiltered, this brew is your party pal in tropical Alberta. Pairs well with grilled fish, legumes and salty snacks. 

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